About the author

Many years ago I read a book written by Erwin McManus entitled,The Barbarian Way. In this book I learned a bit about rhinos. These guys are huge! But that much everyone knows. What I didn’t know is that they can only see 30 feet in front of them. I also had no idea that they run 35 miles per hour. At that speed they out run their sight. Think about 5000 pounds running blind at 35 miles an hour!! No wonder a group of rhinos is called a crash!

The point made and why its in the “about me” section of this blog site is this; they are prepared with a huge thorn and massive weight to plow through whatever obstacle is in the way without even seeing what is coming. They run by faith and not by sight. As a follower of Christ I also am called to go forward by faith no matter what it looks like in front of me. But we don’t need to tip toe ahead, or inspect all the what ifs that may be involved in God’s call to go forward. No, we just need to go! Run by faith and not by sight!

Why a painted rhino? Simple, God made us rich in color and with a huge variety of gifts and talents. There are no two children of God exactly alike. Each of us have a flavor of personality that God loves about us that no one else has ever or will ever have. So I love to celebrate the differences while on the path He sets out for us. So what you need to know “about me” is this, I am not you, but I am just like you. I am build to succeed by faith and burst through and onto the scene God has before me just like you are. I will just be doing it with the colors that are me. So run the race that is set before us, just let God look where you are going and you can let your colors shine while He is taking you wherever He is taking you.