Wake up and Smell the Rhino

Posted By Adrian on Jun 22, 2016 | 0 comments

Its been a long time since I sat down to write. It kind of feels like getting back on a bicycle after years of walking. There was a time when I rode my bike everywhere. There wasn’t a road in my little home town that I didn’t know. If there was a jump to take, I had taken it. (Not always successfully but that’s beside the point) I could handle turns at blazing speed and case ditches without missing a beat. That was when I was 12. Now I am 42.

I got on my daughter’s bike a few weeks ago. I could ride, but not like before. There was going to be no hands off the grips, not curbs jumped and I certainly wasn’t going to case any ditches. I didn’t fall off and I didn’t look like an idiot, from my angle anyway. But I remember the time I would ride as fast as I could and jump off on purpose. I would get up to speed, then move my feet to the top bar and slowly stand up, then just as I hit the driveway I would jump off and land at full sprint running to the front door while my bike went flailing into the bushes by the house. Why did I do that? Why did I want to? Why do boys bikes have a top bar? Not much of it makes since to me now.

I look back at where I have been since I last wrote anything. Man what a ride. Ups and downs, twists and turns, bad choices and a few good ones too. Often I am like, “What was I thinking?” But this I remember because of it all. If my bike gets out of control, if the brakes go out coming down the hill, if there is a ditch in the way, somewhere in me is the strength to handle it again. If my world spins off track, if I can’t seem to find a way out, even if I am attacked from the inside out, somewhere in me is the strength to handle it again. No matter what comes at me, I have seen enough know, that God has my back just like He did before! I can do this! Why? Because God is in control. Because He has never failed me. Because “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” Phil. 4:13

And so can you.

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